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Our vision is that every child reaches their full potential in school. Our mission is to harness the power of digital communication to create more effective moments of learning and give teachers the greatest opportunities to capitalise on each one.

The LbQ team

“When I have been dealing with the LbQ team, every single one of them is passionate about the resource and what it can do. With Learning by Questions, it's never felt like a sales pitch. It's more we know this works, have a go and see if it works for you. I found that refreshing. I was never really a customer, but a user who was part of their team.”

Sam Keys, Deputy Head
St Bede's Primary School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

What do we believe in?

Supporting teachers

LbQ supports the professional judgement of teachers.

They can combine their knowledge of their children along with the live performance data in their matrix to decide on the next course of action. Teachers are in control - not an algorithm.

Rich content

Rich, curriculum-aligned content that is created and road-tested by teachers

is easily available, comprehensive and adaptable to meet children's needs.


In an environment so busy and complex, tech should be simple and fast to use.

That is why we have no initial set-up, and 4-character codes to get lessons going within moments, rather than a convoluted system of emails and passwords.

Learner experience

The learner experience of LbQ, including individualised feedback on every question, improves engagement, confidence and resilience as well as skills and knowledge.

Identifying gaps and misconceptions and providing a greater range of challenge frees each child to progress towards their potential.

Meet some of the LbQ team

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With an LbQ trial you could:

  • tech that actually helps teaching and learning.
  • accelerated progress.
  • an entire library of teacher-written resources.
  • using assessments that are marked for you.
  • engaging your students with their preferred medium for learning.
  • creating a more inclusive environment.
  • creating the perfect TA/teacher tag team.

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