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Other subjects may build the world, but literacy is how we communicate it. Primary English lays the foundations: a love of reading, a love of writing and a hunger for more. It's a big but commendable task. We can help.

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Why English teachers love LbQ

Supporting 'reluctant' readers

Some children are somewhat nervous or unwilling to embrace the wondrous world of books. But reading really is a super power that we believe all children should have and enjoy. That's why we have everything from amazing fiction adventures to fascinating nonfiction reads; something to suit every discerning palate and expand a few more.

LbQ provides children with hundreds of good quality texts, including excerpts from popular published blockbusters. These are broken down into manageable chunks with related questions that pupils answer at their own pace.

Texts you can actually teach with

We all have books that we love - and have loved since we were children - but they can be a challenge to teach with because they might not have the depth, the descriptions, the vocabulary or the features from which you can pull out some great questions. There may be lots more books in the library - but there are not lots more hours in the day for you to scour them.

LbQ's texts have been written and selected with teaching reading in mind. They include a range of features to be analysed; they're short enough to get through in a lesson; they are age appropriate; and they come with quality questions to develop a wide range of skills in reading. What's not to love?

Say goodbye to the photocopier

This isn't the maths page, but have you worked out how much time and money it takes to find multiple copies of quality texts, then create comprehension activities for those texts?

All our resources are digital, so you can use them, restart them, adapt them and practise with them as many times as you like. And as if that wasn't enough - you won't have to mark them either!

Save the trees, avoid the photocopier, and use your budget on something else!

GPS - but without the boredom

Let's be honest (fronted adverbial), even on a good day (subordinate clause) many aspects of the GPS curriculum can be a little, (comma) (brackets) well... (ellipses) dry.

Our GPS resources use well-loved stories to provide context and help you to teach in a genuinely inspiring way.

You don't need a degree in linguistics

Well not to worry.

LbQ helps teachers and TAs to understand and teach even the trickiest of grammatical constructs, meaning you don't need to stay up until midnight getting your head around the subjunctive form.

Progress and potential

We all want everyone to leave school with great skills in literacy, with a sprinkling of love for it on top.

LbQ's original texts are designed to be read for pleasure, and contain questions that support the level of thoughtful reflection needed to achieve expected standard and beyond.

Test success

Of course, literacy lessons aren't all about passing tests, but you want to make sure that every student reaches their potential before they move on.

LbQ's primary English resources are created with the SATs in mind - we've even created SATs-specific resources to practise for the big day.

Choose between LbQ's Exam Mode for an authentic test experience or keep things low-anxiety with our default setting that gives pupils constructive feedback so they're learning as they go.

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Our English content

Dive into the full LbQ Library of primary English resources.

Or, try LbQ from the pupil's perspective below.
Try to make a few mistakes to reveal the unique feedback that pupils receive to keep them on track!

Apostrophes for Contractions

Explore our other primary subjects

It's not just English - we have comprehensive content for both maths and science to keep your pupils engaged and studying happily.

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With an LbQ trial you could benefit from:

  • inspiring and motivating texts for reluctant readers.
  • a library of quality reading material and supporting resources.
  • GPS resources that provide context to learning.
  • the relief of quality resources without the need to be a linguistics specialist.
  • SATs-style questions that are marked for you.
  • supporting children to reach their full potential in reading and GPS.

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