Benefits for pupils

Pupils are at the heart of Learning by Questions' design.

We want to support teachers to progress pupils and encourage children to enjoy learning.

"But how?" we hear you cry. You've come to the right page.

pupil using LbQ

Why pupils love LbQ

Knowing if they have something right or wrong

Everyone likes to know whether they're on the right track. The problem for pupils is that they often don't find this out until a teacher has seen their work... by which time they may have succumbed to several misconceptions and their confidence hits an all time low.

With LbQ they get constructive feedback to every answer and you can see if they need you to give them an extra hand.

Losing the fear of getting something wrong

No one likes to get stuff wrong; it's a human thing.

But with LbQ, you can nurture an environment where being wrong is celebrated. Each question on LbQ gives children the opportunity to get it wrong privately. The feedback will help them get it right the next time, no face lost, whilst informing you of their progress.

Not having to wait for teachers' help

They're stuck. They've gone through the '3 before me' poster and they're still stuck. They put their hand up, and they notice three pupils already have theirs up too. So they wait, time ticks and frustration kicks in.

LbQ provides feedback that helps children work it out and get it right for themselves. Sure, there are times they will need your support too, but they are encouraged to have a few tries themselves first.

Kids love using tech

There are some activities that only a pen and paper will do. But variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to young minds living in the 21st Century.

Learning by Questions gives children the chance to learn using a different medium, but not at the cost of effective learning and progress.

Not bored waiting or stressed struggling

It can be a real frustration for the kids that just 'get' a topic to be waiting for other children to catch them up. They just want to crack on and show you what they can do.

LbQ is not only designed to let them steam ahead, it actually pushes them harder by skipping some questions if they demonstrate they don't need the extra practice.

For those struggling, they get extra practice and feedback which gives them everything they need to gain better understanding. Plus, you have the data to see who needs an extra helping hand, without having to stop the whole class.

Getting positive reinforcement

It's not always about catching those misconceptions and correcting them. An important part of feedback has to be confirmation and congratulations. Other resources do this with a gimmick - an avatar or a game.

With LbQ we do this with positive, constructive feedback that confirms the progress the pupil is making, and that's where true satisfaction comes.

Assessment without the pressure

We all want our pupils to approach the big day without big worries. Whilst it's impossible to remove all the butterflies, it is possible to practise the content and the conditions so that there are no nasty surprises.

LbQ has plenty of end-of topic and end-of-year assessments, including SATs, to provide the practice in a low-stakes environment.

Choose between Exam Mode for an authentic test experience or keep things low-anxiety with our default setting that gives pupils constructive feedback.

Feeling included

Do you remember the 'purple table'? Everyone in the class knew that they were the ones who needed the 'extra help'. Applying ability labels flies in the face of mastery and gives children a mountain to climb to regain that self-confidence that learning requires.

With LbQ everyone is working privately, at their own speed and ability level, with the added reassurance that their teacher is keeping an eye on them.

Purple table, begone!

Not having to put your hand up

For some, it's not wanting to seem 'stupid', for others it's not wanting to draw any kind of attention.

Whatever the reason, the Live Results Matrix indicates where the feedback hasn't been enough to move children on. Your new 'mind reading' superpower will relieve your shy pupils of calling you over.

an illustration of happy pupils

Try our content

Here's your chance to experience LbQ first-hand. The 'aha' moment comes when you give a wrong answer.

Multiply Whole Numbers by 10

What pupils say

  • ”I feel excited when we're going to do LbQ! It always gives you a clue if you get the answer wrong, a strategy to work it out, so you can rethink it and redo it.“

    Holy Family Primary

  • ”What I like is that it has many different subjects such as maths, writing, reading, which is very helpful!“

    High Hazels Academy

  • ”I like it because my teacher can see when I go wrong and help me. It also has a good variety of questions that start easy and then get harder so the teacher doesn't have to set lots of work (for people at other stages). She doesn't have to mark tons and tons of work for us (it marks itself).“

    St Marys

  • ”It also fills up a whole lesson (1 hour). It gives us clues that help a lot, so I don't have to ask my teacher. I love LbQ. I would get it if I was you.“

    Charlotte cont.
    St Marys

  • ”It's fun and I like it because if I get something wrong, no one can laugh at me because they won't know what I've put.“

    Masefield Primary

  • ”I love LbQ because it gives good diagrams also, I like that you can draw on the page. The questions also get quite hard at the end to really push you. Also it marks at once and gives you a chance to correct yourself with a hint. Overall amazing!“

    Charlie N
    St Marys

  • ”I'm one of the faster people in my class and when I'm finished I can go on to the next Question Set.“

    St Thomas' Primary

  • ”LbQ is exceptionally good for dyslexic people because of the blue background! I also really like how you can improve on your mistakes, if you get it wrong you have the choice for another try, it will also give you a hint that you can read!“

    St Marys

  • ”It's also just an amazing thing because your teacher can see if you are struggling and can help. I really like the system so that you and your teacher can easily see how many tries you took, if you gave up or if you persevered! “

    Polly cont.
    St Marys

  • ”I like how it gives you the feedback and it gives you how to work the question out and I like that it has a notebook so you can write down the things you need to think about in your head.“

    Masefield Primary

  • ”It helps me concentrate, and it challenges me.“

    High Hazels Academy

  • ”LbQ is the BEST online learning app!“

    St Marys

  • ”I like it because the teacher can see when you've got something wrong and come and help you.“

    Masefield Primary

  • ”During the lesson, Miss sometimes presses the pause button to explain a question to us and we all groan because we don't like stopping. But it actually helps us because we learn more!“

    St Thomas' Primary

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photo of teacher with student

With an LbQ trial you could have:

  • a 'mindreading' teacher who knows the exact moment they need their help.
  • feedback that tells them how to get it right the next time.
  • a real sense of achievement in the lesson as they're working.
  • a chance to learn digitally.
  • more than one crack at questions right there and then.
  • the ability to get on with their work without waiting for others who need help from you.

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