Using LbQ at home

Homework with Learning by Questions is less 'work for at home' and more 'lessons without limits'.

Let's change the game.

A pupil hsing LbQ at home on their tablet

Why use LbQ for homework?

All the superpowers of LbQ expanded way beyond the walls of your classroom.

  • Don't be limited by a lack of tech in school - send Learning by Questions home and they can take part on any internet-connected device, including smartphones.

    You'll get all the data; they still get all the learning.

How do I use LbQ for independent study?

Start by creating your class.

Simple to share

Once you've created a class, there's a button that prints out a label for every pupil - no tricky templates to wrangle.

This has their unique QR code that allows them to access the homework or independent study tasks really easily.

a printed sheet of pupil login slips

It's easy

No need for oodles of spreadsheets; classes can be created in moments with LbQ when the first lesson begins.

What's more, you can track your class's progress over a period of time, be that a lesson, a term, or even the whole academic year.

class track user interface

Set the homework.

Jump right in

Pupils use the QR codes to jump straight in to the homework - no email addresses or passwords needed.

use a qr code to access an independent study

Pick a deadline

Choose a date and time for completion. Add any notes for the pupils.

configure an independent study

Select your pupils

LbQ allows you to select which pupils in the class receive the work. This means you can set different tasks for different pupils, adapting the learning to maximise individual progress.

select a pupil for an independent study

Set an independent study task

To set an independent study task, simply choose a Question Set and hit the 'Independent Study' button.

create an independent study

See how they're getting on.

Giving guidance where required

This gives you insights into that pupils metacognitive abilities. Do they need more guidance or modelling in order to work well by themselves?

teacher helping a pupil with LbQ

Identify pupils' independent answers

Hollow squares denote that the question was answered for homework, solid squares show that the answer was given in the lesson.

focus on a student in the matrix

Monitor progress

See how your pupils are progressing through a question-level analysis.

See the progress of individual pupils and the class as a whole.

monitor an independent study

Lessons without limits.

Pick up in the lesson

The inverse is also true. Ask pupils to cover the basics at home, then tackle the more challenging questions when they are back in school and where they have your additional support.

convert a task to an independent study

Continue at home

The traditional length of a lesson can be too short for all pupils to reach their stretch zone. With LbQ, you can thoroughly cover the basic understanding in the lesson and then ask pupils to complete the more challenging questions at home at the click of a button.

selecting to continue a task as an independent study
A parent helping their son with their homework

With an LbQ trial you could:

  • feel the benefit, not the burden, of homework.
  • build independent learning muscles.
  • banish the stop-start feeling to your lessons.
  • watch pupils flourish with individual learning journeys.
  • get everybody into the learning stretch zone.
  • connect learning at home with learning in the lesson.

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