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The main benefits of using
LbQ alongside White Rose Maths

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Mastery Question Sets

Ready-made mastery content

Based on the '5 Big Ideas' of maths mastery, our Question Sets allow teachers to deliver a coherent journey towards mastery.

Pupils progress automatically through the levels when they are ready, advancing from understanding to fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

To complement our mastery sets, you'll also have access to our full range of practice and assessment Question Sets. With just a few clicks, your high-quality, interactive lesson activity is ready to go.

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Pupil engagement

Maximise your pupil's progress

By using LbQ regularly, whether that be as a key component of your curriculum implementation or purely for consolidation, you are sure to see increased pupil progress during the year.

Pupils receive personalised, teacher-authored feedback on their responses and can correct any mistakes in the moment.

Our scaffolded sets with automatic progression ensure all pupils are challenged at the appropriate level. Pupils are engaged - not by any gimmicks, but because they know they are taking control of their own learning.

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Results in real time

Instant insights & intervention

Pupil responses are automatically marked by the platform, giving crucial real-time information to the teacher.

With our unique Results Matrix, LbQ teachers instantly know exactly how all pupils in the class are doing, meaning that they can intervene effectively before misconceptions become embedded.

Track pupil progress over time, building up a 'big data picture' of your class automatically. Keep the results forever, and use this data to inform your planning and intervention provision.

Try our White Rose Maths-aligned resources

Here's your chance to experience our interactive White Rose Maths resources first-hand. Any wrong answers given will reveal the unique feedback that pupils receive on the LbQ platform.

Y3 - NEW White Rose Maths: Length and Perimeter Block Review

An award-winning partnership

BETT awards 2022 winner: free digital conetnt, app or open educational resource

“It's the perfect marriage; LbQ resources and powerful classroom platform aligned to White Rose Maths outstanding schemes-of-work. No marking, no photocopying... just great maths!”

Greg Adam, Managing Director
Learning by Questions

BETT awards 2022 winner: primary maths and numeracy award

“We're so excited to be partnering with Learning by Questions and we really feel that, together, we can make a difference.”

Caroline Hamilton, Managing Director
White Rose Maths

How LbQ fits alongside White Rose Maths

Finding learning gaps

Any of LbQ's sets can be used for pre or post-teach assessment, but we also have Block Reviews that include the relevant content for each White Rose Maths block. Use Block Reviews from an earlier year group to easily inform your planning for each block.

Dedicated White Rose Maths resources

As well as Block Reviews and schemes for White Rose Maths Y3-6, we also have dedicated sets to provide additional practice of the maths skills developed in the Y6 Summer Term projects.


Many teachers use LbQ sets at the end of a group of 2 or 3 related Small Steps to facilitate retrieval practice and to consolidate and extend the learning from previous lessons.


Whether it's a short, same-day intervention or a more extended catch-up programme, LbQ has key resources that track right back to KS1. This allows teachers to fill in any important gaps in learning that are hindering the mastery of age-appropriate concepts.

Variety of implementation

Use LbQ to increase the variety of your curriculum delivery.

LbQ's questions are all unique and will complement the activities found in White Rose Maths presentations and workbooks.

Challenge and depth

All our mastery sets contain 10 unique reasoning and problem solving questions related to the lesson objective. Pupils will be challenged and will deepen their understanding of a concept whilst making links with other areas of mathematics.

Integrating LbQ into your planning

LbQ is highly flexible and can be used to enhance outcomes at various points during a learning sequence.

  • After exploring concepts and teaching as usual, use one of our full maths mastery sets as the core practice component of a lesson.
  • Use parts of our sets, or even individual questions from different sets, to target your questions precisely.
  • Use our ready-made Block Reviews from previous year groups to easily gauge understanding of all pupils before new content is introduced.
  • Use our shorter practice, reasoning and problem solving sets at other times of the day, for example, during registration periods.

“I've been particularly impressed with the mathematical tasks that embed the approach towards learning and follow the White Rose Maths schemes.”

George Gould, Year 6 Lead Teacher
Jubilee Primary School, Hackney

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