Learning by Questions for primary maths

Your pupils skip through the door after break. One says, "I'm excited for maths today!" The whole class sits down, looking bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to begin their numeracy lesson. You have won at teaching primary maths.

This is no dream. You've been teaching maths with LbQ.

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Why primary teachers love maths with LbQ

Not just the distance, the depth too

In the past, getting to the end of the curriculum was the goal. But there was a danger that pupils knew what they had to do mathematically, but not why they had to do it. Mastery is an opportunity to dig deeper, but the race is still on to finish the curriculum.

We save you valuable time because our Question Sets start with the basics, then scaffold towards fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. Everyone is working at the right pace and challenge for them, and teachers can leave school at the end of the day knowing everyone really got it and is ready to move on.

Aligned resources

Sometimes it's nice to have a little expert help navigating the best way through the curriculum. Choosing a good scheme that works for you is one thing, but implementing and maintaining is quite another.

LbQ is aligned to the most popular schemes of work, including White Rose Maths. They're actually a partner of ours and we have created a bank of resources to support their schemes. We also update our resources with changes they make - put your feet up, we got you.

How LbQ complements your White Rose lessons

Supporting 'reluctant' mathematicians

Maths isn't for everyone... apparently. But having great maths skills is important for the future success of our pupils.

With LbQ, pupils get to use tech for maths, a medium that they're familiar with and that they enjoy. Resources are engaging and because pupils get feedback for every answer they give, they can take ownership of their learning and crack on at their own pace.

Pupils actually groan when you pause a session. Don't believe us - try it for yourself.

The power of the wrong answer

Pupils don't like to get things wrong.

LbQ supports a culture where it is not only ok to make mistakes, but it's actively welcomed! Mistakes are transformed into learning moments. The feedback pupils receive on the platform and the ability to try again gives them the opportunity to self-correct their answers immediately. Experiencing instant success over time breeds confidence and, dare we say it, a love for the subject.

A master of all trades

You are the all-knowing oracle to your pupils, but we know you're only human. No one is expecting you to be a specialist in everything.

Which is why it's good to have excellent quality resources to back you up. LbQ has a bank of award-winning resources that give non-specialist educators the confidence and knowledge to be the next Carole Vorderman in the classroom.

Test and check success

LbQ has maths SATs papers in practice format as well as end of year reviews, topic reviews, Multiplication Tables Checks and Ready to Progress assessment resources. Choose between Exam Mode for an authentic test experience, or keep things low-anxiety with our default setting that gives pupils constructive feedback, so they're learning as they revise!

No more marking into the night

Whether you're a 'stay-at-school-to-mark' teacher or you find yourself hoofing a bag for life into your boot every night, marking eats into your free time, and it doesn't need to.

With Learning by Questions, all you're marking is done for you.

No wasted time

How often have you thought a lesson went really well and everyone was nodding at you in all the right places? But then you came to the marking and realised tomorrow's lesson is going to be taken up by revisiting what you did today.

LbQ will stop that nightmare from ever happening again. You're provided with a real-time question level analysis that shows you who's got it, who hasn't and who needs your help. Never rely on vacant smiles again!

Child using LbQ on a tablet

Our award-winning maths content

Dive into the full LbQ Library of award-winning primary maths resources.

Or, try LbQ from the pupil's perspective below.
Try to make a few mistakes to reveal the unique feedback that pupils receive to keep them on track!

Form and Solve Equations with Two Variables

Explore our other primary subjects

It's not just maths - we have comprehensive content for both English and science to keep your pupils engaged and studying happily.
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With an LbQ trial you could benefit from:

  • knowing when pupils didn't get it before it's too late.
  • a significantly reduced marking workload.
  • practice test resources marked for you.
  • engaging your 'reluctant' mathematicians.
  • resources aligned to White Rose Maths schemes.
  • a huge bank of resources and a platform that supports the mastery maths approach.

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